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Boracay is located in the western Visayas region of the Philippines, is a small tropical island with white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters, that bekons to some 900,000 tourist every year to spend their holiday here. What many people may not realize about Boracay Island is that even though it's a small island, it has much to offer in the way of hotels and restaurants. 
Where To Eat!
The food choices on Boracay are quite plentiful, ranging from simple hamburger snack shacks to fine dining restaurants located inside the many luxury Boracay Island hotels and beach resorts. One of the really nice features still found on Boracay Island is the large variet of small restaurants that can be found all along the 2.5 mile long Boracay beach, stroll down the beach-path on any given day between five in the afternoon and midnight and you will find hundreds of small beach-front Boracay restaurants selling their fresh catch of the day. Enjoy dining on suculent shrimp, large prawns and even two pound lobsters, all pulled from the oceans that surround the Philippine Islands.
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So to get you started your good friends at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila have designed this Boracay Restaurants website for you, to help you located some of the finest restaurants on this beautiful tropical island, a paradise edged with powder soft white sand beaches, and home to some of the friendliest people in the world.

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