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Boracay Island Malay,Aklan Philippines

Restaurant Review

Near the Boat Station 2 in Boracay can be found D’ Talipapa. The center is basically adorned with numerous eateries, fast food and restaurants that are featuring and serving sumptuous Filipino cuisines. It helps that the site is still close to the popular and tourist flocked White Beach area. At the food center can be found Inang Resto Boracay Restaurant. 
Inang Resto can be simply described as the mother of all Filipino restaurants in the island. Of course, many are wondering why Boracay is a popular island in the Philippines, but it tends to become a hub for international food delights from all over the world. If you are already fed up with the Italian, French, Thai and international food joints on your stay at Boracay, it is a high time you try out eating at Inang Resto. 
Basically, the restaurant is serving traditional Filipino cuisines. Take note that all dishes are richly and carefully prepared so as to increase its appeal to the appetite and the basic human senses. At Inang Resto, expect to find and taste the best adobo, afritada, menudo, roast chicken and other native dishes. Inang Resto has carefully prepared and formulated the recipes so that the food will appeal not just to the Filipino customers but also to the foreign vacationers and tourists. 
Best Pinoy foods must always be complemented by rich and exciting beverages. The most sumptuous native meals are best enjoyed with freshly picked buko juice or young coconut or a variety of tropical fruit shakes. If you like sodas and beer, Inang Resto also serves such beverages, though there are limitations and moderations when serving liquors. 
The ambiance is cozy and uniquely Filipino. Some vacationers think no good restaurants exist at D’ Talipapa. But wait until you try out Inang Resto Boracay Restaurant. The mouth watering dishes are complemented by good and reliable services by waiters, cooks and personnel. 
The site is very spacious, having a high enough ceiling to facilitate better air circulation within the interior. The walls are adorned with very impressive paintings from different Filipino art masters. You will definitely not be tired at looking at the walls. The arrangements of paintings are so organized that it would look like there is actually an art and paintings exhibit. 
Wooden chairs and tables are also helping give a good interior feel at Inang Resto Boracay Restaurant. Moreover, you will easily have an impression as if you are right in the comfort of a traditional Filipino home. The kitchen is also noteworthy, being very simple and hygienic. Thus, any customer can never ever worry about the cleanliness and safety of every dish served at the restaurant. 
If you are under a tight budget, Inang Resto is just perfect. Payments are made solely by cash basis, so convert your currencies into pesos. The dishes at the menu are low and affordably priced compared to price lists of menus at other Boracay restaurants. Enjoy good Filipino food served within a very comfortable space.

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