True Food Boracay Restaurant

True Food Boracay Indian Restaurant

Station 2, Balabag Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

Restaurant Review

Stroll the White Beach in Boracay. Before you reach D’ Mall, and right next to Mango Ray Restaurant, can be found True Food Boracay Restaurant, which according to locals, simply is the best and most popular Boracay restaurant. If you aim to enjoy spicy hot and delectable Indian cuisines, this food joint is just perfect for you.
At True Food, regular patrons assert that meals are just sumptuous and alluring. The dishes should be written down in history. To better make you homey and comfortable, take off your slippers or shoes and sit down on the floor through the scattered huge pillows. Perhaps, this is adding to the style and mystery of dining at True Food restaurant in Boracay. 
The True Food restaurant is allowing its guests to be close to the beach. At once, you may actually feel as if you are in India. Meals and appetizers are authentic and are prepared by real and trained Indian chefs. Enjoy the food while you are seated at the pillows and feel the vibe of real Indian interior settings. The restaurant is preparing and serving the best curries that I believe cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines.
Try out the many specialties of True Food Boracay. On top of the list would be Rogan josh, which is actually lamb cooked in rich tomato and yoghurt. Vegetarian dishes star the menu. Chana ki Dal and the sumptuous mushroom dopalza are just a few of the popular vegetable cuisines at True Food. Indian favorite somosa is also a must try as well as the crispy papad or crispy Indian chips. For fish lovers, maseha tare ko will surely be a top pick. 
There are authentic Indian breads served. Chapati and naan are on the menu. Chapati is a crisp and unleaven type of whole wheat bread while naan is leaven bread made of white flour and cooked in special tandoori ovens. Other delights include the motabhal or roasted eggplant with yoghurt dips, mulligan tawny or yellow lentil soup, hummus or pureed garbanzo beans and Tandoori Chicken, which is cooked in special combinations and marinades of garlic, ginger, yoghurt and chili paste that is also strategically and patiently cooked in specially made tandoori ovens.  
Softdrinks, beer and special Indian tea and lassi are served as refreshments. Such beverages are automatically accompanying any meal choices. However, if you are a vegetarian and you want to drink just water, you can immediately ask the waiter to serve you just plain water. Costs are medium compared to prices of foods at other Boracay restaurants.

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